With breathtaking footage, bespoke animation, and skilful storytelling techniques, our award-winning video content is globally considered as best-in-class.

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Why should you incorporate video content in the classroom? 

Today’s students are bombarded with information and distractions everywhere, so getting their attention in the classroom can be a challenge. The key is to adapt to what they need, offering engaging and exciting content tailored to Generation Z. 

The traditional format of long lessons where the teacher is doing most of the talking is actually not the best way for humans to take in information – our brains prefer bite-sized nuggets of information. Having something visual to contextualise abstract concepts is also beneficial. This makes short, highly visual videos perfect for keeping students engaged while allowing them to easily digest new concepts and facts! 

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    WHY TWIG? 

With breathtaking footage, bespoke animation, and skilful storytelling techniques, our award-winning video content is globally considered as best-in-class. 

Our award-winning videos are made using high-quality content from the likes of BBC and NASA, and they are aligned to international curricula. This means you never have to worry about finding videos that are age-appropriate and aligned to your curriculum while still being fun and engaging – we’ve already done the work for you! 


Award-winning films that combine visual and adaptive learning, supported by hundreds of lesson plans, visuals and other classroom resources. 

Engaging visual resources, lesson plans and quizzes that provide teachers with fun and easy lesson activities to simplify tricky scientific concepts for primary school students. 

A complete online resource for younger children, to introduce scientific concepts in a simple, fun and engaging way. 


To get a taste of our content, you can preview a selection of films from our three products in the playlists below.

Discover more about the benefits of video content in education and find out exactly how to incorporate our content into your classroom (remote or not!) to improve engagement, assess understanding, and turn your students into scientists.

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