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Preparing for COVID-19 School Closures

We want to help you and your students prepare to conduct distance learning during ongoing school closures due to the coronavirus outbreak.

This site will be updated over the coming weeks and here you'll find:

  • Free access to our supplemental programs

  • Distance learning resources

  • Independent study resources

  • Curriculum-aligned videos

  • Supporting lesson materials

  • Easy-to-use resources for parents and educators 

  • Resources and videos that can be assigned via Google Classroom

To protect yourself and those around you from the spread of coronavirus, the best thing you can do is wash your hands, so we've created this music  video that you can share with your students and friends.

Free Access to Our Award-Winning Resources

Free Independent Learning Packs for Distance Learning

We've created a series of grade-level independent learning packets for you to share with your students in distance learning environments while schools across the country are closed.

In order to use these lessons, you'll first need to sign up for Twig Science Tools and then download the packets using the button below. 

We've also provided a set of teaching and research aids, including graphic organizers and advice about working like a scientist to help with distance learning.

Twig Science-Tools_Stacked_RGB.png

NGSS-Aligned Resources for K–5

An award-winning supplemental resource with short videos in English and Spanish, visuals, and hands-on investigative activities. 

Independent study

950+ videos in English

750 videos in Spanish

1,000+ activities

1,500+ visuals

Twig Secondary_Horizontal_RGB.png

NGSS-Aligned Resources for 6–12

Twig Secondary provides thousands of award-winning videos and digital resources to help you build amazing units of study.

STEM for Generation Z

Independent study

1,500+ videos in English

1,500+ quizzes

150+ learning material packs

130+ math lessons

Twig Science-Reporter_Stacked_RGB (1).pn

Weekly Topical News Videos

Keep up to date with all the latest science news from around the world with Twig Science Reporter.


Magazine-Style Leveled Readers

Twig Science leveled readers—available in English and Spanish—provide a variety of text types that help spark interest in your grade-level phenomena.

NGSS-based magazine-style leveled readers bring ELA and science together using informational, narrative, descriptive, and argumentative text types


Teachers can request access using their school email addresses to our Leveled Reader Database.

The Latest News from Our Partners 


Scientists at Imperial College London—one of the world’s leading universities and partners with Twig Education—are racing to develop a vaccine for coronavirus.

We'll be keeping you up to date with their latest developments on our blog.

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