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*Kaltura Study, 2016

Twig Education is an award-winning STEM education company, specializing in short videos, tools, and interactive content for teaching from 3 to 16 years old.


Designed according to international curricula and available in more than 20 languages, our content is used in more than 60 countries.

Teaching Materials According to Curricular Needs


Our educational resource platforms have been created to inspire students with engaging content tailored for each grade level for the transition to a genuinely 21st-century curriculum. 

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Why Twig?


With breathtaking footage, bespoke animation, and skilful storytelling techniques, our award-winning videos are made using high quality content from the likes of BBC and NASA, and they are aligned to international curricula.

We offer over 3000 bite-sized films for Science, Technology, Maths and Geography. 
From curriculum films that explain key ideas and concepts, to glossary films to learn scientific terms, to our ready-made quizzes and review questions, we are adapted to the Gen Z.


Discounted Subscriptions via The Alberta Library


Schools within the province can access exclusive discounts to Twig, Tigtag and Tigtag Jr when they subscribe via The Alberta Library's Discovery Link licensing program.

Contact the Alberta Library for more information.



Ages 11–16

Award-winning films that combine visual and adaptive learning, supported by hundreds of lesson plans, visuals and other classroom resources.

STEM and geography

Teacher or student led

1,800+ videos in English

200 videos in French

1,500+ quizzes

150+ learning material packs

130+ maths lesson plans


Ages 7–11

Engaging visual resources, lesson plans and quizzes that provide teachers with fun and easy lesson activities to simplify tricky scientific concepts for primary school students.

Science and geography

Teacher led

800+ videos in English

100 lesson plans


Ages 4–7

A complete online resource for younger children, to introduce scientific concepts in a simple, fun and engaging way.

Foundational science

Teacher led

100 videos in English

49 lesson plans

50+ games


To get a taste of our content, you can preview a selection of films from our three products in the playlists below.

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